VideoPuzzle! 1.4

Interactive live action jigsaw game


  • Well implemented video puzzles
  • Original and fun gameplay
  • Fun Camera mode
  • Make puzzles from your Camera Roll photos


  • Horrible music
  • More puzzles please!

Very good

VideoPuzzle! is an innovative puzzle game in which you have to put together jigsaws made out of videos. You can even create a 'live' video puzzle using your device's camera.

The concept of VideoPuzzle! is that you need to unjumble the various sections of the screen and rearrange them to make the video. Each puzzle displays the completed video first for a few seconds to help you out. Then, it's a case of sliding the pieces around the screen to the right position, and double clicking to flip the segment if necessary. The effect of VideoPuzzle! is very impressive, as each segment of video continuously loops as you play.

There are three difficulty settings in VideoPuzzle!, with the number of segments getting higher the harder you get. At present there are just five different levels to play on each difficulty setting, although the developer has promised more in the future.

Flick VideoPuzzle! into Camera mode and the puzzling gets even more fun. Here, the puzzle is actually made out of live video grabbed from your camera. It can operate on the front camera or back, giving you a live action jigsaw of whatever you're pointing at. There's also a Photo album mode in VideoPuzzle!, which lets you choose any image from your Camera Roll and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.

One of the few bad points of VideoPuzzle! is the awful looped techno music soundtrack that accompanies each puzzle, which gets annoying very quickly. There is an option to turn this off, but it would be nice if you could play music from your iPod while playing VideoPuzzle!

VideoPuzzle! is an original and fun puzzle game which nicely showcases the unique gaming qualities of the latest generation of iOS devices.

Kids' level added, with lower degree of difficulty New sounds for the game New background graphics


  • Kids' level added, with lower degree of difficulty New sounds for the game New background graphics


VideoPuzzle! 1.4

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